photo of a deer killed by Justin Naffphoto of a deer killed by Justin Naffphoto of a deer killed by Justin Naff

Hunter: Justin Naff

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Upson

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Went to my old faithful stand we call west box! The hunt started slow with a couple fawns and a spike. After an hour or so the action picked up with a couple does and a great looking 2-year-old 7-point that I filmed on camera. Thirty or so minutes later a beautiful 4-year-old 8-point crossed in front of me! Was not a target buck and was one I couldn’t wait to see next year, so I passed up this buck! Hunt went slow again, and just before dark a doe runs out onto the food plot 250 yards away and brings the deer we call freak out with her! The buck comes out and feeds on the sendero for 10 minutes or so before I finally got the shaking away for me to be able to pull off the shot! The stand was literally about to fall apart from how bad I was shaking hahahaha. The shot is off and traveling at him and was an amazing shot! Deer jumped up and ran off the field. I get down to see if I can find blood before I let the deer rest and when I get to where I shot him I can see him laying in the woods 15 yards off the food plot dead.
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