Tink’s Power Pig Hog Lures

New dominant boar and sow in heat scents.

GON Staff | January 29, 2009

Tink’s Power Pig Sow in Heat

Despite their appearance, boars are some of the smartest and quickest animals alive, therefore hog hunters often need a little scent assistance to help bring home the bacon. Tink’s Power Pig Dominant Boar Urine and Power Pig Sow-in-Heat are the keys to leaving the woods with that porker in the bed of your pickup.

Power Pig Dominant Boar Urine sends the message that there’s a new pig in town, and make no mistake, the local boars won’t like him one bit. This scent will provoke every boar in your hunting area to come in and defend his standing with the ladies. Dominant Boar Urine is especially effective on those old trophy boars that become very aggressive when challenged for their food and sows.

Local boars go hog wild when they get a whiff of Power Pig Sow-in-Heat. This scent works like a love potion enhancing the boar’s breeding urge and increases his level of aggression toward other breeding boars in the area. Sow-in-Heat product is collected from sows during their estrous cycle and is just the right draw to out that smart old boar.

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Tink’s New POWER PIG Dominant Boar Urine

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