Big & J: Pigs-Dig-It Product Overview

Easy to use and designed to pour on the ground when you have time to hunt

Mike Rhodes | May 17, 2016

A hog’s primary diet is grains and vegetation, although they can root for invertebrates and can be
fierce predators with an appetite for meat. Concentrating on their primary food requirements, and preferences, Big & J developed Pigs-Dig-It.Hogs are well known for using their noses to find food. In fact, a hog’s sense of smell is more important to its well being than its hearing or eyesight combined. Wild hogs use their noses extensively to detect danger, other hogs, and food. They can pick up odors from a mind-boggling 7 miles away, and the fact they can still catch a scent from as far as 25 feet underground often leads them to root deep holes.

The product is easy to use, designed to pour on the ground when you finally have time to hunt. You can use it at established feeding sites, or where you suspect hogs are close by and can be tempted with a salivating aroma that will draw on a hog’s curiosity and feeding stimuli.

Pigs-Dig-It has a strong aroma that will draw hogs from near and far, making it effective for any property you have to hunt. Pour the product directly on the ground to get maximum air circulation. Pay attention to the wind, as the strong aroma will broadcast a dinner bell for miles. Believe it or not, Pigs-Dig-It emits an old, stinky cheese smell that will bring hogs running. Don’t linger after pouring it on the ground, as hogs in proximity could show up without warning.

Hogs have a voracious appetite and playing on their weakness to pig out before their friends get a chance can provide optimal hunting and attracting opportunities.

Pigs-Dig-It comes in a 5-pound bag and retails for $10.99. It is the latest and greatest granular long-range attractant formulated by Big & J, known for passion and commitment to providing quality goods for hunters looking for American-based products. If you want to see greater results in attracting hogs, check out the options at

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