Scores Announced For 2014-15 Truck-Buck And Youth Contests

The hunter with the No. 1 buck in a category is in line to earn a spot to the Shoot-Out.

GON Staff | March 12, 2015

It was an impressive scene as rack after rack from great Georgia bucks were handed off to be measured by official Boone & Crockett scorers. Scoring events for GON’s Truck-Buck Contest and the Youth Big-Buck Contest were held in Tifton on Feb. 21 in Madison on Feb. 28. A total of 273 racks were measured from among the more than 600 entries during the 2014-15 big-buck contest.

Below you will find links to the results in each Truck-Buck and Youth contest scoring period. The folks in first place for a category will be contacted by GON the last week in March.

In the main GON contest, the Truck-Buck Contest, hunters in the No. 1 spot for a scoring period or wildcard are in line for a spot in the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out, the pellet-rifle competition to decide who wins a brand-new 4×4 pick-up truck from contest sponsor John Megel Chevrolet. Hunters can also make the Shoot-Out through four wildcard divisions: Youth, Ladies, Public Land and Runner-Up. For Truck-Buck, two hunters from each week or wildcard will qualify—the largest from the Northern and Southern zones.

In the Youth Big-Buck Contest, there is one winner for each of the 17 weeks of deer season.

To see photos of all the Truck-Buck entries from the past season, click on the More Big Bucks link on the GON homepage. If you haven’t already done so, you will have to complete a quick registration process, which is free, for access to the Truck-Buck pages.

All results are unofficial until polygraph exams are completed.

The contest uses official Boone & Crockett measurers and the B&C scoring method. All scores are B&C net. If you had your rack measured for the GON contest, you have an official B&C score. Please don’t take it to another B&C scorer to be measured again—that is against the organization’s policy.

To compare typical versus non-typical racks, divide the net scores into the minimums for B&C all-time record books; 170 for typicals and 195 for non-typicals.The higher percentage is the higher-placing buck.

Key: (b) bow; (c) crossbow; (m) muzzleloader; (y) youth; (l) ladies; (pl) public-land; (*) non-typical.

Truck-Buck Contest Results

Week 1 North
Week 1 South
Week 2 North
Week 2 South
Week 3 North
Week 3 South
Week 4 North
Week 4 South
Week 5 North
Week 5 South
Week 6 North
Week 6 South
Week 7 North
Week 7 South
Week 8 North
Week 8 South
Week 9 North
Week 9 South
Week 10 North
Week 10 South
Week 11 North
Week 11 South
Week 12 North
Week 12 South
Week 13 North
Week 13 South
Week 14 North
Week 14 South
Week 15 North
Week 15 South
Week 16 North
Week 16 South
Week 17 North
Week 17 South
Runner-Up Wildcard North
Runner-Up Wildcard South
Public-Land Wildcard North
Public-Land Wildcard South
Ladies Wildcard North
Ladies Wildcard South
Youth Wildcard North
Youth Wildcard South

Youth Week 1
Youth Week 2
Youth Week 3 – No Entries
Youth Week 4
Youth Week 5
Youth Week 6
Youth Week 7
Youth Week 8
Youth Week 9
Youth Week 10
Youth Week 11
Youth Week 12
Youth Week 13
Youth Week 14
Youth Week 15
Youth Week 16
Youth Week 17

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