New GON Website Launch Experiencing Registration & Truck-Buck Issues

Truck-Buck entrants are asked to call GON to enter their bucks.

Brad Gill | September 15, 2015

Over the weekend, GON launched the first stage of its new website, which is expected to be completed in the coming year. The new site requires all web users to create brand-new online registrations. This initial step has created a few early hiccups—including issues with entering deer into the Truck-Buck contest.

“For those trying to enter a deer online into the Truck-Buck contest, we ask that you call us,” said Steve Burch, publisher of GON.

GON‘s phone number for Truck-Buck entries is (800) 438-4663.

When a GON web user creates their new username and password on the REGISTRATION PAGE, they will receive an activation e-mail, which requires them to complete the registration process. However, GON is aware that users are not receiving those confirmation e-mails, meaning they couldn’t finish the registration process or enter their bucks into the Truck-Buck contest.

“Registration issues, which are preventing folks from entering Truck-Buck, is at the very top of our list to get fixed,” said Steve. “We have been working with our web designers and have confidence that these issues should be cleared up soon. We just ask for everyone’s continued patience with this. However, we still want folks to call us with those Truck-Buck entries for now.”

In addition, the new GON website does not have its online subscription process set up yet. For subscription inquiries, or any other issues related to the new website, call GON at (800) 438-4663.

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