Lanier Hosts Striper Event For Disabled

There were 55 participants and 100 volunteers in the Lanier OWL striper fishing day.

Savannah E'Dalgo | April 27, 2017

Lake Lanier hosted the Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) striper event on April 8.

OWL is an organization that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to learn more about activities in the outdoors and participate in them.

“We provide people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities by partnering one on one disabled and undisabled, so they do the activity as a team,” said Kirk Thomas, founder and executive director of OWL.

Kirk said the Lanier event had about 55 disabled participants with 100 volunteers.

“It was just great. We couldn’t do it without volunteer boat owners making it happen. It was a tremendous event,” said Kirk.

Chris Cotes was one who volunteered his boat to take a disabled person out fishing.

“This was my first time volunteering. I’ve been reading about it for the last few years,” said Chris. “The love of the outdoors is something deep within you, and it’s good to be able to give back to somebody who may not have the opportunity to enjoy it.”

Chris said OWL is a great program, and there are plenty of ways people can volunteer, even if they don’t have a boat. OWL also hosts hunting events.

“It’s a very fulfilling activity for the participants and the folks supporting,” said Chris.

There are more upcoming  OWL events, and more information and photos can be found at or on the Outdoors Without Limits-National Facebook page.

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