Corps, Counties Partner To Manage Lake Lanier Parks

COE Communications | November 29, 2023

On Nov. 16, Lake Lanier’s Project Manager Tim Rainey (left) and Dawson County’s Director of Parks and Recreation Matt Payne signed an agreement to formalize the partnership between the county and the USACE for three Lake Lanier corps parks.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has entered into partnership agreements with two Lake Lanier area counties that should improve maintenance and operation at several key parks on the lake.

Tim Rainey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Lanier Project Manager, and Dawson County’s Director of Parks and Recreation, Matt Payne, recently co-signed a Partner Operations Plan recently at Lake Lanier. The landmark agreement formalized the collaboration between Dawson County and the USACE to maintain and operate Toto Creek, Thompson Creek and Nix Bridge parks. Under the agreement, Dawson County will undertake key responsibilities including cleaning, custodial services, park attendant duties and collecting recreation visitor fees. USACE will continue to manage critical infrastructure and natural resources.

The following week, Rainey and Hall County’s Director of Parks and Community Services, Brent Holloway, co-signed a Partner Operations Plan at Lake Lanier. This agreement formalizes the collaboration between Hall County and USACE to maintain and operate Bolding Mill, Duckett Mill and Old Federal Campgrounds.

“The overarching goal for Lake Lanier’s recreation mission is to provide quality recreational opportunities to the public. With our funding consistently flat over the years, impact to our services are inevitable,” explained Rainey. “This partnership is a strategic move to boost our service levels through multiple funding sources.”

“This partnership introduces an exciting revenue stream that we can directly reinvest into the parks,” said Payne. “Unlike the previous system where funds would go to the U.S. Treasury, our approach allows us to utilize the generated funds for the maintenance and enhancement of the parks.”

Revenue from the collected fees will offset the counties’ operational costs and reinvest any surplus into the parks. USACE anticipates redirecting potential savings into further improving services across the region.

For more information on the partnerships and their impacts on Lake Lanier, contact the Lanier Project Management Office at 770.945.9531.

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