Lake Lanier Hour Of Terror Captured On Video

Yesterday's storm produced 60 mph winds and hail at Aqualand Marina.

Brad Gill | August 4, 2020

A storm rolled across parts of Lake Lanier yesterday afternoon that had waters churning much like you experience on an offshore fishing trip. Video was captured by the Watts On Wheels YouTube channel as they videoed from their houseboat in Aqualand Marina when the Aug. 3, 2020 storm blew through.

The YouTube channel reported, “We were on our houseboat at Aqualand Marina (L Dock) when a huge storm came through with a micro-burst. Awful! Two houseboats let loose and slammed into M Dock and then back on L Dock. Damage everywhere!”

A number of docks, boat slips and boats were damaged during the storm and boats can be seen floating loose from where they were tied to their slips in Aqualand.

According to a story released by the Gainesville Times this morning, National Weather Service meteorologist Kaitlyn Martin said the weather service was not aware of tornadoes in the area, only “straight-line wind.” But, she said, a clearer picture of what passed through the area will be available in coming days.

“Nothing suggested clearly that there was a tornado, but… we do go back and look at the data again,” Martin said. “We’ll probably know more here in the next day or so, as we get a more complete picture of the damages.”

There was also reports of downed trees in the area, but no injuries were reported.

The Watts On Wheels YouTube channel is run by Dave and Karen, who “decided to sell our home in Georgia in 2017 to live full time in an RV to travel across America to see the beauty of our country and meet awesome people along the way.”

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