Georgia Kayak “Champion” Seeks World Title

Georgian Ron Champion among elite field to qualify for the World Kayak Championship.

Jason Mullinax | July 31, 2018

Richmond Hill’s Elite Kayak Angler Ron Champion proves himself as a “Champion” once again, as he secured his berth to the 2019 Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship 8. Ron beat a field of 34 other Elite Kayak anglers on the Delaware River at the third-annual IKE Foundations Celebrity Pro-Am Bass tournament. The IKE Foundation, founded by BASS Elite angler Mike Iaconelli, added a Kayak Division last year with the top prize being a roster spot on the 2019 Hobie North American Kayak Team and a trip to the World Championship.

Ron Champion, of Richmond Hill, is headed to the 2019 Hobie World Championship kayak tournament.

Ron is no stranger to this elite field of competition as he has represented North America in 2016 during the World Championship in Leeville, La., as well.

Last year’s Hobie Kayak World Championship was held in Sweden and included anglers from five Continents and 20 different countries.The event is a true World Championship, as the world’s best kayak anglers gather together at a single destination to compete in a multi-day event to determine who will hold the prestigious title of World Champion.

The Hobie World Championship destination for 2019 has not been released as of yet, but its announcement is imminent.

Ron has honed his kayak fishing skills all across the United States competing in the highest level of kayak angling tournaments offered. His achievements in the sport are unprecedented, and one would be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to represent our country than he.  Ron’s dedication to the sport is unwavering, and he is performing at the top of his game, as his trophy case will testify. No matter the destination, Ron will be a force to be reckoned with once the competition begins.

“It’s such an honor to be able to represent Team USA,” said Ron.

Thousands of kayak anglers vie for a coveted place on Team USA each year, fishing several qualifiers across the country in hopes of claiming a spot.

“None of these accomplishments would be possible without the support of my wife (Chrissy) and family, as well as my friends and sponsors,” said Ron.

Ron (left) and BASS Elite angler Mike Iaconelli.

Ron’s destination may be unknown at this time, but he’s well aware that any species of fish is possible, given the country that the World Championships will be held. Fortunately for Ron, he will have two practice days to acclimate to whatever the targeted species are and formulate a game plan on how to capture the largest specimens for submission. Ron will be competing for three tournament days before a new World Champion is crowned.

If you would like to follow along on Ron’s journey for a World Championship, follow him on Facebook as he will be documenting his exciting journey.

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