Gaither WMA Now Accepting Quota Hunt Applications

This WMA is brand new and will host three quota hunts this season.

Brad Gill | August 28, 2018

WMA deer hunters may want to consider cashing in some quota-hunt priority points for DNR’s newly acquired Gaither WMA in Newton County. Information regarding three quota deer hunts—two general and one youth—didn’t appear in the 2018-19 Georgia Hunting Seasons & Regulations.

“We did not get this WMA until very late; it was not approved by the board until August 22,” said Bobby Bond, WRD biologist in Fort Valley.

The hunting regulations booklet had to be printed before closure on the Gaither property, but it’s now being included in a host of other Georgia WMAs that offer quota deer hunting.

Deadline to apply for all WMA deer quota hunts is Saturday, September 1.

Gaither WMA is located just a few miles northwest of Clybel WMA and is 2,129 acres.

“I’m not sure how much deer hunting (pressure/harvest) occurred on the property prior to us receiving it,” said Bobby. “I would think that this property should have a good number of deer as it was more than likely hunted less than Clybel, and it’s near Clybel, which has a good deer population.”

According to GON‘s WMA Special in the August issue, Clybel had an overall hunter-success rate of 24.3 percent in 2017.

“It looks to have some good bottoms, drains, older mixed pine/hardwood along with some thinned pine stands, which we are hoping to burn some in the future, that should all provide plenty of food for deer. We have hopes that some nice deer will be seen and harvested,” said Bobby.

The general quota hunts will be hosted Nov. 2-4 and Jan. 11-13, 2019. Each hunt will draw 25 hunters. A youth-only hunt for 25 kids will be hosted Dec. 24-30.

Gaither WMA will host two non-quota archery-only hunts where the entire area will be open to bowhunters. There is also a 520-acre (included in the overall 2,129 acres) archery-only area of the WMA located on the south side that is open to archery hunting only, even for hunters drawn for one of the three quota gun hunts.

There is no campground on the new WMA, but lucky participants can camp at nearby Clybel WMA.

Quota hunt applications must be in by Sept. 1, 2018 and must done through the DNR website.

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