Dodge PFA 14-pounder

GON Staff | May 1, 2007

For the first time in almost two years, a bass has been added to GON’s Georgia’s Biggest Bass of All-Time list. Lenn Chandler of Kathleen caught a 14-lb., 3-oz. largemouth from Dodge County PFA on March 13 that put him into a three-way tie for the 45th heaviest bass of all time caught from Georgia waters. Three Dodge County PFA bass are now on this list. Lenn’s fish bit a black/blue jig thrown to a bed, although Lenn had no idea the giant fish was anywhere around.

“For a while I was thinking I wasn’t going to get the fish in. If my wife hadn’t been there to dip her up, I don’t think I’d ever got her in,” said Lenn.

A bass must weigh at least 14 pounds to qualify for GON’s Georgia’s Biggest Bass of All-Time list. If you catch one, take the bass to a Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) Fisheries office or a local Public Fishing Area or fish hatchery where a WRD biologist can identify the fish. While you’re there, you’ll need to have the fish weighed on their certified scales, which are certified for trade by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We require that you have two witnesses present to verify the fish’s weight. Once the bass is weighed, you’ll receive a weight ticket. Most grocery stores have certified scales that GON will accept; however, we still need a WRD biologist to see the fish.

Provide GON with a copy of your weight ticket, phone numbers of the witnesses and several photos of you and the bass. Send all the information to GON, 4331 Seven Islands Rd., Madison, Ga. 30650.

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