“Dawn Of American Deer Hunting, Volume III” Now Available

GON Staff | November 3, 2023

Duncan Dobie’s new book Dawn of American Deer Hunting, Volume III, is just off the press. The 256-page, 8 1/2 x 11-inch hardback contains more than 300 vintage black-and-white photos and dozens of fascinating stories. The book retails for $40.

With the amazing success of Duncan Dobie’s first two volumes of the “Dawn” series published in 2015 and 2018, Dawn of American Deer Hunting, Volume III, carries the time-honored tradition of chasing whitetails across this great land of ours to new levels. Whitetail hunting in America truly is a “grand” obsession and the pages of this book are filled with fascinating stories and scores of vintage photos, including a special section on Georgia’s record deer, fairly guaranteed to make you proud that you are a deer hunter and able to cherish time in the woods. Deer hunting in America is more than a sport or avocation; it’s an American way of life.

The profound connection modern-day hunters have with their ancestors and primitive hunters of the past comes to life as you turn the pages and go back to simpler times when hunters really did have to fight the elements and suffer mightily in order to bring home the venison. Whitetails are considered by many to be the ultimate game animal and the ultimate hunting challenge.      

Read about iconic and historical American heroes like Buffalo Bill Cody, Patrick Henry, David Crockett, Daniel Boone and James Fenimore Cooper’s timeless hero “Deerslayer.” All were avid whitetail hunters, and all made their marks in early America.   

Each photo has a caption that tells a brief story about the picture—what the hunter was doing, the location, the type gun used or some other interesting fact. When you look at these pictures, the book really becomes a time capsule that shows how our grandfathers hunted whitetails several generations ago. Duncan Dobie has had a lifetime interest in the colorful and rugged deer-hunting pioneers of yesteryear who left us with such a rich heritage and paved the way for all modern-day whitetail hunting.

Autographed copies of Volume III of Dawn of American Deer Hunting, A Photographic Sojourn of Yesteryear, may be ordered from the author by sending $40 (including tax and postage) to Duncan Dobie, 3371 Meadowind Court, Marietta, GA 30062. To charge your order, call Duncan Dobie at 770.973.8049.

A Limited Deluxe Edition of 150 signed and numbered copies are available from Sporting Classics at $70 each. Order the Deluxe Edition online at or call 800.849.1004.

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