There’s A Coyote In The Bedroom!

Nothing like a 4 a.m. wake-up call with a song dog loose in the house.

Brad Gill | September 13, 2018

Dealing with coyotes out in the Georgia woods as they work on deer and turkey numbers is problematic enough, but when you flip on your bedroom light at 4 a.m. and discover one in your bedroom, it brings things into a little different perspective.

According to Fox 23 News, a woman in Bixby, Oklahoma discovered a coyote in her bedroom at 4 a.m. earlier this week.

“I talked to the woman earlier, and she thinks the coyote may have gotten in through her back door… after it spotted her cat,” said Fox 23 News reporter Sharon Phillips.

The Bixby woman, who’s husband was out of town, grabbed a golf club. However, she didn’t have to use it. In Fox 23 News’ video, you see the coyote submissively crouched in the corner of her bedroom. She was able to shut the bedroom door and call the police department. They arrived on scene with a catch pole and then released the coyote outside.

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