Coyote Attacks Tractor

Brad Bailey | May 26, 2000

On April 11, 2000, Tony Ashley, of Carrollton, was plowing a Heard County field when he noticed a coyote standing at the edge of the field. As the tractor passed the coyote, it ran out and chased the plow, biting the discs. The coyote stopped after 20 yards, and Tony continued around the field where he picked up a 12-gauge from a truck.

When he circled the field again, the coyote was standing at the edge of the field with its teeth bared and its back arched. This time, Tony floored the coyote with a shot from the scattergun. Tony speculates that the coyote was rabid—or it was a poor judge of prey.

The coyote bit the disc and hung on until the turning disc threw him off, then he would bite it again.

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