Cop Breaks Window To Free Bear From Inside Car

A police officer busted a car window to allow a California bear it to escape the locked car.

Chad Cain | June 20, 2018

On June 19, 2018, a bear in Carnelian Bay, California found itself in a predicament. The bear was locked inside a Subaru Outback. This is actually the second bear-in-an-Outback incident in the last few weeks, the other being in Connecticut.

This California bear was most likely after some food, entering the car through an open car door. Once inside, it began tearing up the interior of the car as soon as it realized it was stuck.

It had done so much damage to the inside that the doors could not be opened, so a Placer County police officer busted out the back window, allowing the bear to escape unharmed.

We don’t know which is the more important takeaway, lock your doors, or don’t drive an Outback in bear country.

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