Cedar Creek WMA Deer Hunt Starts Slow

With the weather great and either-sex hunting on Saturday, the hunter-success rate is expected to rise.

Brooke Moore | October 16, 2015

Cedar Creek WMA’s first firearms deer hunt of the season always attracts hundreds of deer hunters who are excited to break out their firearms prior to the state’s regular season firearms opener. This year’s hunt was no different as it kicked off yesterday morning Oct. 15 with 550 eager deer hunters in the woods.

As scattered shots rang out from all directions, trucks loaded with deer began to roll in at the check station. The Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) team checked about 30 deer during the first morning of the hunt. Of these, one of the largest deer was an 8-point buck killed by 9-year-old Braden Crane, of Dawsonville. This is Braden’s second year hunting Cedar Creek WMA alongside his dad, who also killed a buck during the morning hunt.

“I want to take him and do a skull mount,” said Braden happily as WRD checked out his prize.

Bobby Bond, a biologist with WRD, said, “As compared to past years, this morning has been relatively slow in regards to the number of deer checked in. However, the weather is great, and I am optimistic about the rest of the weekend.”

There is still a day and a half remaining to participate in the first hunt of the year on Cedar Creek WMA. Saturday will host an either-sex hunting day, which will likely attract a few more hunters than normal since private lands in the area will be closed to either-sex hunting on Saturday.

“We expect to have around 900 hunters registered by the end of the weekend,” said Bobby. “The weather is perfect, and I am excited to see how many deer we get by the end of the hunt.”

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