Big Bass Move To Paradise PFA

WRD's No. 1 trophy bass fishery is leaking, so the big bass were moved to Paradise.

GON Staff | November 30, 2012

Heading for Paradise! James Woolsey with WRD Fisheries holds up two Ocmulgee PFA lunkers that are now swimming at Lake Paradise on Paradise PFA.

With the temporary closure of Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area (PFA), Paradise PFA is now home to even more big fish.

Ocmulgee PFA, known for the trophy bass caught during the last few years, closed temporarily on Nov. 7 to address and make preparations to repair detected leaks in the main lake. Georgia’s WRD personnel collected remaining fish and relocated them to a variety of locations. Approximately 150 older bass went to Paradise PFA. Younger bass will be held at hatcheries to re-stock Ocmulgee PFA after the repairs.

“While the closure of one area, albeit only temporary, is a difficult decision, I am pleased that we are able to continue to offer great fishing opportunities, including these additional Ocmulgee PFA bass, at another public fishing area, such as Paradise,” said Bert Deener, Fisheries region supervisor.

A big bucketmouth finds its new home at Paradise PFA.

The Ocmulgee PFA bass were stocked into 50-acre Lake Paradise. That lake, just like Ocmulgee PFA, is catch-and-release only for bass. Anglers cannot possess bass, even if caught from another lake, while fishing on Lake Paradise. Anglers may possess species other than bass in Lake Paradise, according to length and creel limits.

“Paradise Public Fishing Area already has a great bass population with quite a few trophies but certainly will be enhanced by the addition of 150 plus bass between 5 and 10 pounds,” Bert said.

The largest bass moved from Ocmulgee PFA to Paradise PFA was 10 1/2 pounds, according to Bert.

He said that with the cooler weather, expect big-bite lures like jigs, crankbaits and spinnerbaits to produce well at Lake Paradise. Please note that Paradise is artificial lures only. You can’t use live baitfish on the PFA.

“There is a ring of flooded willow bushes about 50 feet offshore that grew when the water was down last year, and I would think it would be hard to work a spinnerbait through the edges without a lunker latching onto it,” said Bert.

Lake Paradise has standing timber, flooded bushes and concrete culverts as its main cover. There is a large flat on the south side of the lake toward Highway 82. Expect big fish to roam that flat on warm afternoons gorging themselves on baitfish.

Paradise PFA is located on 1,351 gently rolling acres in Berrien and Tift counties. Sixty lakes totaling 525 acres provide excellent boat and bank fishing; and more than 350 acres of water are intensively managed for fishing.

To find out more about Paradise PFA, visit and click on “Receive Updates” (look for the red envelope).

Approximately 150 older Ocmulgee PFA bass went to Paradise PFA. Younger bass will be held at hatcheries to re-stock Ocmulgee PFA after the repairs.

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