Bald Eagle Nesting Hits All-Time High In Georgia

Active bald eagle nests documented in 62 counties this spring.

GON Staff | May 5, 2015

This year 166 successful bald eagle nests have been documented in Georgia, the most ever recorded in our state. Aerial surveys by DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section counted 210 occupied nesting territories, 166 successful nests and 270 young eagles fledged, all record numbers.

Active nests were found in 62 of Georgia’s 159 counties. Chatham County (in the Savannah area) had the most with 24, followed by Decatur County (Lake Seminole area) with 21.

The most famous bald eagle nest in Georgia is at Berry College near Rome. A live-streaming web cam is widely popular with viewers across the world.

Survey leader Jim Ozier began monitoring bald eagle nesting almost three decades ago when nests numbered in the single digits. He credits the species’ recovery to coordinated conservation efforts and the public contributions that make those efforts possible.

Georgians can report eagle nests online at or by phone at (478) 994-1438.

Bald eagles are no longer listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, but they are protected by federal and state law.

2015 Bald Eagle Survey Summary
Occupied eagle nest territories: 210 (12 percent increase compared to 2014)
Successful nests: 166 (11 percent increase)
Young fledged: 270 (14 percent increase)
Counties with active nests: 62 (60 in 2014)
Lead nest counties: Chatham – 24; Decatur – 21; Camden¬ – 12; Glynn – 11, McIntosh – 11; Liberty – 10.

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