White Turkey Killed In Dodge County

GON Staff | June 7, 2000

Bruce Berryhill, of Cochran, swears up and down he did not take his second bird—a snowy white tom—from a farmer’s pen. Bruce did not hear any gobbling on the morning of April 15, so he set up on a food plot.

“I caught some movement in the end of the food plot, and it turned out to be a bunch of jakes,” Bruce said. “I noticed something out of place. I thought it was a cow bird (egret) at first, but it was turkey. He was as white as snow.”

After calling in the drove and rolling the white jake with a load No. 6s, Bruce went to work to show his hunting buddies.

“A hunting buddy of mine, Kevin Strickland, spotted the gobbler during deer season,” Bruce said. “My buddy said if his father-in-law hadn’t seen it, he wouldn’t have told anyone. I have caught the devil from people at work. They want to know what pen I caught the bird in.”

The bird is not a true albino, but lacks any coloration of the feathers. The bird’s feet and head are also very light colored, mostly pink.

Bruce Berryhill, of Cochran, swears he has not been hunting around a farm yard and harvested this Dodge County jake in the woods.

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