Two Bucks With Antlers Locked Found Drowned In Farm Pond

10-pointer and 8-pointer tumble into pond in what became a fight to the death — for both of them.

GON Staff | March 1, 2008

The two deer were still locked together when they were fished out of the pond.

GON subscriber Robert Williams sent in these photos of two bucks that were found in a Lincoln County farm pond.

“They must have gotten into the water during the fight and were unable to get out before drowning,”Robert said.

Robert’s daughter, Edie Williams, and friend Tamara Williford were riding horses on the Williford family’s Lincoln County property when Edie spotted what looked like a dead deer floating on the surface of a 1-acre farm pond. After reporting her find, the deer was roped and dragged in.

“We thought it was just one deer. We roped the foot of one and pulled up two,” Robert said.

What they fished out of the pond were two bucks, a 10-pointer and an 8- pointer locked in what turned out to be a fight to the death — for both of them.

Robert said the Williford’s, who don’t hunt the property, have seen plenty of deer, but never a good buck. Now they know what is moving on the property at night.

“That’s a crying shame for hunters on the surrounding properties,” Robert said.

Jessie Williford, son of the owner of the Lincoln County property where the bucks were found, shows off two nice racks.

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