Truck-Buck 2019-20: Week 15 Winner David Stevens

The stories behind the Truck-Buck Contest winners and the bucks that earned them a spot in the Shoot-Out.

Daryl Kirby | June 25, 2020

Week 15: David Stevens, 140 5/8 typical
County: Screven        Date: Dec. 27

David Stevens started hunting when he was 10 years old in Alabama, and he took his first buck at 11. He moved to coastal Georgia when he was 12. He has killed many mature coastal deer with both a bow and gun. David holds the record for Sapelo Island WMA with a bow-buck he killed in 1994 that netted 115 4/8. David is also an avid fisherman, holding a Captain’s License. He has been a fishing guide for more than 25 years and volunteers with the 30-30 Ministries annual shark camp that is held in McIntosh County.

David started hunting Screven County with close family friends on a private farm in the late 1980s and has harvested many mature bucks over the years. He continues to hunt in Screven County with his children and other close friends.

“The deer here first appeared on camera during bow season, showing up numerous times right up to early gun season,” David said of his Week 15 buck from Screven County. “He disappeared right around peak rut and came back on camera in early December.”

Week 15: David Stevens, of Darien, with his Screven County 10-point buck that netted 140 5/8.

David knew this was the biggest deer on camera on the farm. It was raining that morning, so he decided to sit in a box stand, looking to harvest a few late season does.

David said, “When the deer walked into the wireline, he was facing straight at me, and I knew it was a big, mature buck, but I did not realize it was the big 10. The deer turned to walk out of the wireline, and that’s when I realized it was him. And the rest is history.”

The buck’s rack tallied 140 5/8 inches and is Screven County’s No 24 buck ever recorded.

David will be shooting in the finals to win a new Silverado pickup truck from longtime Truck-Buck sponsor John Megel Chevrolet. He has already won a $1,140 Browning deer rifle and a prize package which includes Antler Addict Mineral and 4S Draw from 4S Advanced Wildlife Solutions, a safety harness from Hunter Safety System and a Shoot-Out shirt from Realtree.


GON’s Official All-Time Screven County Buck Rankings

1169 5/8 Scott Lewis2022ScrevenCrossbowView 
2158 1/8 Joe Porterfield1980ScrevenGun
3157 5/8 Alan Bradham1995ScrevenGun
4156 William Harper1989ScrevenGun
5154 3/8 Thomas Oglesby1973ScrevenGunView 
6153 7/8 Dennis Scott1993ScrevenGunView 
7152 5/8 Tom Cauley2015ScrevenGunView 
8152 1/8 Thomas Blackburn2000ScrevenFound
9150 3/8 Russ Bowers1997ScrevenGun
10150 2/8 Kevin Fiquett1990ScrevenGun

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