Second Half Of The Field Competing In GON’s Kids Shoot-Out

GON Outdoor Kids August 2020

Brad Gill | August 2, 2020

The annual GON Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out will take place on Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Infinite Energy Center in Gwinnett County as part of the Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast. Here’s the second half of the field of those who will be shooting for a chance to win a $3,000 shopping spree at Adventure Outdoors and a hunting weekend with Blaine Burley at Woods-N-Water. To see the first half of our shooters, go to

Week 10: This Dooly County buck was nicknamed “The Mystery Buck” because it never provided a good trail-camera picture. Joseph Owens, 12, of Pinehurst, finally got a great look at him on Nov. 17 when he shot the 129-inch buck.

Week 11: Nine-year-old Janie Funderburk, of Woodbury, reports that this Meriwether County buck followed seven or eight does into a food plot before she took him. It scored 140 2/8.

Week 12: It’s another great story of a boy hunting after school and killing a buck. This 129 4/8-inch Putnam County buck was taken by Chase Carter, 14, of Greensboro.

Week 13: Dawson Martin was 15 when he grunted in this Cherokee County 9-pointer. The 116 4/8-inch buck is the best scoring deer he’s ever killed. He also killed 113 3/8-inch buck in Week 16.


Week 14: “God is good” is what the Bilotti family said when Jackson Bilotti, 13, of Newnan, recovered his 131-inch Meriwether County deer. It’s the biggest deer taken from the family land in 23 years of hunting.

Week 15: It took a tracking dog in some thick cover the next morning, but Joel Davidson, 15, of LaGrange, got his hands on this 118-inch Troup County buck.


Week 16: All Nash Hodges’ daddy had to say to him was “Lay it to him, buddy,” and the Tattnall County buck dropped where he stood. The deer scored 124 5/8.


Week 17: Sarah Mac Watson, 11, of Atlanta, drilled this Jackson County, 98-inch buck on Jan. 6. Her only question afterward was, “Are we going back hunting this weekend?”

See the first half of the Youth Big Buck Contest Shoot-Out field of contestants. 

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