Man Kills Gobbler Using Pink Barbie Bicycle

Oh yes he did... Turkey hunters go to great extremes to kill a longbeard.

Brad Gill | April 16, 2019

Randy Massie, of Cumming, did what not a lot of public-land turkey hunters have done. He swapped his man card for a pink Barbie bicycle and rode 2.9 miles into Dawson Forest WMA. But you know what that joker did? He rolled a gobbler less than five minutes after fly-down time.

Props. Man card returned.

Randy, who has his own YouTube hunting channel as a way to have more fun with his hobby, said when he realized at 8:30 p.m. he was going to be off work the next day, Monday, April 8, he began gathering his hunting items. As a single father of three, when Randy sees a window of opportunity, he goes hunting.

“The road is closed on the Atlanta Tract of Dawson Forest because there is a big wash out in the road,” said Randy.

His thought was to take a bike nearly 3 miles behind a closed gate into what he calls his honey hole. Randy went to his garage and pulled out what he says is a pretty impressive bike that his 7-year-old son owns. The only issue was he discovered there was a problem with the wheel that was not fixable the night before his hunt. He had only one other option.

“So I had to take my daughter’s bike,” said Randy.

He added some Fix-a-Flat to the tires of the Barbie bicycle and was ready to go the next morning.

“You got to do what you got to do. There was no option. I was going hunting,” said Randy.

The next morning, Randy pedaled 2.9 miles deep into Dawson Forest.

“I pulled up on my daughter’s bicycle, and I just sat beside the road, and three birds actually fired off,” said Randy. “They were all pretty much circling around one hill top, and I got in between them and decided whichever one came in first would get a little bicycle ride out of there.”

Randy flaps a plastic grocery bag to simulate a fly-down. After that and a few turkey yelps from his MFK Coyote diaphragm call, it was show time.

“He hit the ground, gobbled twice and came in,” said Randy. “The whole time I saw him, he never came out of strut. He hit the ground, and it was maybe a minute and half before he was on me.”

Randy’s bird had matching 1 1/4-inch spurs and a 10 1/4-inch beard. He unloaded his Mossberg 500, slung his turkey on the back of the bike and descended off Dawson Forest WMA. He didn’t see another hunter on the way down, but there was a man out walking his dog.

“I didn’t get to stop because I was on a downhill slope, but as I rode by, I asked, ‘You like my bike?’ He got a kick out of it.”

Randy is expecting his phone to ring any day from Huffy, who he feels may consider sponsoring his hunting expeditions going forward.

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