Late-Season Northeast Georgia Bow Buck Ends 2-Year Quest

Kyle Bona beat the odds on a Franklin County 10-pointer.

Brad Gill | December 20, 2022

Kyle Bona with a fantastic Franklin County bow-kill from Sunday, Dec. 18.

If you hunt northeast Georgia, the chances of killing your target buck go way down by mid December. If you’re hunting with a bow, those chances dwindle much more. Kyle Bona, of Royston, beat the odds with a 140-class Franklin County 10-pointer taken on Sunday, Dec. 18. The deer was certainly a target buck that Kyle had history with.

“After five encounters, three arrows and a hundred pictures, it all came to an end on a beautiful Sunday evening,” said Kyle.

Kyle missed this buck on Nov. 2, 2022. Then on Nov. 3, he had the buck bedded at 40 yards. When the 10-pointer stood up broadside, he took the shoot. Unfortunately the arrow hit high and far back, and Kyle was unable to recover the buck. He watched for buzzards and was kept wondering if the buck went off and died somewhere. Then, the first week of December, a friend sent him a picture of the buck with a doe. Game on!

Kyle made his way to the stand about 3 p.m. on Sunday evening. He was hunting in a hardwood creek bottom.

“Shortly after, about 10 does mingled their way toward my stand and commenced to eating,” said Kyle. “About 5:25, I saw him on top of the hill. He made his way down to the bottom to within 25 yards of my tree. I collected myself, drew my bow, settled my pen and released my arrow. The arrow struck exactly where I had aimed!”

The buck kicked and bolted.

“I called a friend and told him that I thought I had shot the deer I was after,” said Kyle. “Shortly after, I collected myself and climbed down to find my arrow. It was exactly where it was supposed to be and covered in blood.”

Kyle’s buck is entered in Week 15 of Truck-Buck.

Kyle did the smart thing and eased back home, giving the buck time to die, even though the shot appeared perfect.

“A couple of buddies met me at the house shortly after, and we blood-trailed the deer and recovered it within 100 yards from where he had been shot,” said Kyle. “This brought to an end a 2-year hunt for the most elusive animal I have ever had the pleasure to chase.”

Kyle’s 10-pointer is in Week 15 of Truck-Buck, and we look forward to getting our hands on it at one of the two GON scoring events. Kyle said his deer grossed 147 2/8 inches and probably has about 5 inches of deductions.

“I’m just hoping it’s a new county bow record,” Kyle said.

With the current county bow record set at 130 7/8 inches, it’s safe to say Kyle will have a new county bow record on his wall.


Franklin County Best Bucks Of All-Time

1144 Kyle Bona2022FranklinBowView 
2130 7/8 Billy Atkinson2019FranklinBowView 
3127 5/8 Stuart Bowers1996FranklinBow
4122 Tony Davison2011FranklinBow
5121 7/8 Alan Mitchell2007FranklinBowView 
6120 6/8 Brian Roberts2011FranklinBowView 
7119 Brayde Milford2014FranklinBowView 
8118 5/8 Luke Roberts2012FranklinBowView 
9116 4/8 Ben Baty2003FranklinBow
10114 Stuart Bowers1996FranklinBow



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