John Williams Cook County P&Y Caught On Video

Reader Contributed | October 10, 2023


By John Williams

I am an avid outdoorsman and love documenting my hunts through filming and writing. I filmed this buck for three years before finally killing him on Oct. 2, 2022 during my closest encounter with him at 27 yards. He came in with a buck I missed the second day of the season and decided to pass when he came in the second time. As I was watching the buck I missed, I saw his eyes start to bulge as he tensed up, and I knew something else was coming. I got ready, and sure enough the buck we called Moose, who turned out to be a 250-lb. slob of a buck, came cruising in on the F-R-M Deer Corn. The other buck backed off the corn and let Moose have his way as the morning light got brighter.

After missing the other deer at 25 yards from rushing the shot, I waited until it got bright enough. I was sure of my pin, and I even adjusted my single pin sight to 27 yards. He stopped perfectly broadside, and I sent an arrow tipped with a QAD Exodus broadhead straight through the 250-lb. behemoth. He crashed a mere 50 yards behind me, and I didn’t even have to track him.

I hunted the rest of the morning hoping something else would show up. I ended up getting to watch bucks sparring and making scrapes with no idea that I just put an arrow into another deer. My wife came and bumped the deer off after being in the stand with deer movement until almost 10 a.m. You can’t beat a hot acorn flat in mid-October with a cold front.

I posted the video of this hunt on my YouTube channel AON_Outdoors (All Or Nothing Outdoors), and I placed the buck in the Apex Outdoor Competition for Georgia with my submission of him. It was my goal to kill a buck last year that was big enough to make the GON county records with my bow, and to do it on film is the cherry on top.

John Williams with his Cook County bow-buck taken during the 2022 Georgia archery season.


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8127 4/8 John Williams2022CookBowView 
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