GTA Youth Field Trials Host A Record 43 Kids Over Christmas Break

Brad Gill | February 2, 2024

Here’s the group from the GTA Youth Field Trials that took place Dec. 30 to Jan. 1 in Swainsboro. These 43 kids trapped 39 animals in just two nights.

The Georgia Trappers Association (GTA) hosted their ninth-annual Youth Field Trials event Dec. 30 to Jan. 1. This year’s gathering hosted a record 43 kids between the ages of seven and mid-teen.

Kids and their parents were paired up with experienced trappers and spent two days on private properties learning to trap. Trap lines were run for two days, and the kid with the highest score—based on number of animals caught and a really cool points system—is crowned champ and receives bragging rights for a full year.

Kate Yeomans won the event with a possum, raccoon, beaver and a coyote. Her guide, who also gets bragging rights for the year, was Kelvin Mosley.

“One of the things I really take to heart with the field trials is doing something to help keep the trapping tradition alive for generations and getting the pictures that kids send us when they get back home and put what they learned at the event on their own property and catch critters,” said Josh Hall, GTA’s president.

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Kate Yeomans won GTA’s 2024 Youth Field Trails in Swainsboro. Her guide and instructor for the event was trapper Kelvin Mosley.

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