Georgia 2018 Gator Gallery

Some huge alligators were killed during the recent season.

GON Staff | November 7, 2018

Georgia’s 16th alligator season is now in the books. We reached out to WRD’s alligator expert Greg Waters to see how the season went, and he reported that the season numbers had yet to be crunched, and he didn’t make a comment on how he thinks the overall season may have fared.

However, 2018 hunters selected in one of Georgia’s nine alligator hunting zones were coming off the worst alligator hunting season ever. In 2017, only 19 percent of hunters killed a gator. The second-worst year came in 2016 when 25 percent of hunters were successful. The question to look at now is whether or not hunters can expect lower success numbers after 16 seasons.

The season high average came during the state’s first alligator season in 2003 when 39 percent of hunters killed a big lizard. The statewide average from 2003-2017 is 32 percent success.

Theories are that hunters wait on a big gator or alligators are getting more aware that they’ve become targets.

If you’ve been successful, send us your pictures and captions to [email protected].

Zone 5, Ocmulgee River: Jerrod McDaniel, of Hazlehurst, Dennis McDaniel and Brian Bruce; 13 feet; Sept. 13. Full hunt story at

Zone 9, Savannah River: Jacob Davis; 7-feet, 4-inches; Sept. 14.


Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Hoyt Smith; 11-feet, 11-inches; Sept. 23.


Zone 3, Flint River: Nathan Lloyd, Fischer Lloyd, Dustin Stansell and Jimmy Stewart; 12-feet, 3-inches; Sept. 29.


Zone 4: Bill Denson; 11-feet, 4-inches.


Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Mike Harp, Zack Harper and Haley Harper; 10-foot, 3-inches; Aug. 22.


Zone 1, Lake Eufaula: Don Oates and Bruce Rucker, both of Lumpkin; 11-feet, 5-inches; Aug. 24. Full story at


Zone 7, Altamaha River: Lyndon Hale and Shane Griffin, of Adairsville; 8-feet; Sept. 1.


Zone 5, Oconee River: Brian Walton, of Hillsboro; 11-feet, 3-inches; Aug. 20. Full story at


Zone 7: Shawn Hagen; 11-feet, 10-inches.


Zone 7, Altamaha River: Ryan Beasley and Shannon Beasley; 12-feet, 6-inches; Sept. 15.


Zone 1: Adam Roper, of Franklin, and Joey Robinson, of Juniper; 12-feet, 3-inches; Aug. 19.

Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Randy Hand, Michelle Hand, JR Hand and Willie Hand; 13-feet, 4-inches; Sept. 16. Read the full story on the hunt for this big Seminole at

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