Fawn Killers On The Prowl

Opportunistic coyotes are taking advantage of easy-to-catch newborn borns.

Mike Bolton | May 29, 2024

Fawns hitting the ground means coyotes get the taste of venison on their brain. Scenes like this will play out all over Georgia in the next month.

Coyotes may be known as the scourge of the West, but Trae Renfroe says Georgia is up to its elbows with them, too. His trail camera caught evidence that they are indeed fawn killers.

“I had a camera on a food plot on the property we own in Baldwin County,” he said. “On one day the camera caught a couple of does, a newborn fawn and a turkey in the field.

“For two straight days one doe had her newborn fawn with her. On the third day, the camera caught a coyote with a fawn in its mouth. From then on, the camera caught the same doe with no fawn with her. I can’t swear that it was her fawn the coyote got, but I’m sure it was.”

Trae said his 40 acres is surrounded by a large hunting club in which he is a member. The acreage is overrun with coyotes.

“There are tons of coyotes there,” he said. “We hunt coyotes with thermal optics, and we trap. We have had a little success with the trapping, but coyotes are slick.

“People need more incentive to attack the problem. The situation is not going to get better until everyone gets on board.”

Trae is trying to do his part. He works for Salt Log Outfitters, which offers thermal hunting for coyotes and wild hogs.

“We definitely have a problem.” he said. “I know it’s the circle of life, but they’re killing the fawns and the turkeys on their nests. And its not just turkeys and fawns. My dad looked out his bathroom window and saw a coyote chasing a cat. I’ve seen videos with coyotes with cats in the mouths. These small dogs going missing? I’m sure that’s coyotes, too.”

Trae Renfroe was getting a doe and fawn on camera in this Baldwin County food plot. However, after this photo was snapped, he only got the mature doe by herself.

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  1. Jessica Grady on June 11, 2024 at 1:19 pm

    We have definitely seen a decrease in the fawns and turkeys on our property. We need to be more proactive with this problem.

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