Bobcat Kills Fawn On Drone Footage

Brad Gill | October 3, 2023

A south Georgia group that goes by Hog Droppers recently captured nighttime drone video footage of a bobcat finishing off a Georgia deer fawn and then dragging it away.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime live experience to see in nature,” said Tate Anderson, a member of Hog Droppers.

Hog Droppers consists of four hunters: Matt Jones, Dustin Lanier, Lee Carver and Tate Anderson.

“We specialize in nuisance animal control by providing volunteer services to local farmers to aid in the protection of crops and wildlife management,” said Tate.

Hog Droppers utilize hand-held and weapon-mounted thermal devices to spot and stalk these nuisance animals. The use of a drone has made their property scouting efforts a lot easier.

On Wednesday night, Sept. 27 at about 11:30, Dustin was flying the drone on a piece of property in Tift County. He took the drone up and out about 300 yards when he spotted the bobcat standing over the deer. He flew in for a closer look and saw legs flailing on a fawn as a bobcat was finishing off the young deer before dragging it away.

“We didn’t see the cat, but we recovered the deer,” said Tate. “That was a 20-lb. cat dragging a 40-lb. deer. Bobcats are lethal.”

To learn more about Hog Droppers, check them out on YouTube. If you’ve got hog problem and are interested in having Hog Droppers help you out, call them at 229.402.0045. You never know what in the world they’ll capture on video on a night when the hogs aren’t moving.

The fawn was recovered shortly after being killed by a bobcat.

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