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Want to be a published author? GON wants to help you make that a reality. It's time to tell your hunting story.

Brad Gill | November 6, 2019

Ever wanted to have your hunting story published?

After Shawn Lumsden, of Newnan, killed a Talbot County buck named Zeus on Oct. 27, he wanted to share his story with the GON community — and we love sharing hunt stories!

“My emotions are at a peak as I thank God for allowing me the chance to harvest such a magnificent animal,” said Shawn.

HIs 19-pointer grosses 166 inches. Shawn said his wife, Chelsea, had the deer at full draw during bow season, but she was unable to get an ethical shot.

After Shawn ended up taking the deer with his rifle, he contacted GON to inquire about becoming a published author. Through social media, and GON‘s Hunter’s Journal department that appears in every issue of GON, we have several different platforms that allow hunters to share their cool and unique Georgia hunting stories. Some hunters who began with a simple Hunter’s Journal article have become regular outdoor writers for GON and other publications. Tell your story!

Email a hunt story that’s at least about 750 words, along with at least two good photos, to [email protected].

With just 12 issues a year, not every hunt story will appear in GON magazine. However, hunt stories that meet some simple length requirements and have good photos will be reviewed for online publication and a possible push to social media. Some hunters might even be chosen to appear on the GON Outdoors Podcast.

Shawn’s hunt story will appear in the December GON as the Hunter’s Journal story.

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