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GON Staff | June 6, 2023

The chance to hunt a new tract of land with great odds to take home some venison and possibly even a quality buck, or maybe get back on a dove field for the first time in a few years, or even a waterfowl hunt where mallards are a real possibility… these experiences are available to Georgia hunters, but you need to get started now in the WMA quota-hunt process by applying for “points.”

“Quota hunts are a great way to take part in a limited opportunity high-quality hunting experience,” said Tina Johannsen, Assistant Chief of the Game Management Section with DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division (WRD). “But, to take advantage of the opportunity, you must apply. Make sure to note quota hunt application deadlines so you don’t miss a chance at these opportunities.”

A quota hunt is a scheduled event at a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) or other state-managed property where a limited number of hunters are allowed. Quota levels, such as the number of hunters that can participate and the harvest limit, are based upon the sound principles of wildlife management and public desires for a quality hunt, according to DNR. These hunts provide a challenging and rewarding experience to hunters of all levels. Selected hunters must be properly licensed to participate in a quota hunt.

An important aspect to taking part in the best public quota-hunts Georgia has to offer is building up “points.” Hunters can apply through their online accounts with points-only applications to build preference points for future hunting seasons. Unlike most other states, it costs nothing in Georgia to submit a points-only application. Here’s an example of why this is so important. Take a look at quota-hunt applications last season for the first deer hunt at Flint River WMA, a quality-managed area in Dooly County. Hunters had zero chance of being selected until they used at least four priority points, and only 53% of those hunters received a hunt permit. It took five priority points for a guaranteed permit. A hunter can build up one priority point per season for each type of hunt—one deer, one waterfowl, one dove, one State Park deer hunt, etc.

The takeaway for the GON community—if you haven’t already, go set up an online account at, and apply with points-only applications every single year for every type of hunt available. It costs nothing—if you don’t ever use the points, it’s worth the few minutes it takes to apply each season. If you ever lose your hunting property or find yourself realizing that a deer hunt at Ossabaw Island is a worthwhile bucket-list item, you’ll be able to use those points to get on the hunt. Also, set up accounts for your children and submit points-only applications every season. Hopefully, one day they will be thankful for the premium public-hunting opportunities at their fingertips with all those built-up priority points. To become a master of the Georgia quota-hunt game by using priority points, view the selection odds from previous years’ applicants at

GON subscriber Donna Owenby shot this nice buck last season during a Clybel WMA quota hunt that required at least one priority point for a chance at being selected.

Applying for a Quota Hunt is simple. Visit and select “Quota Hunts” and follow the steps to complete your application. Need more help? Visit the Georgia Wildlife Blog at for step-by-step instructions on applying as an Individual, a Group or joining a Party. Remember to make sure your email is current and correct to receive quota updates, confirmations or any further notices about quota hunts. If you are still unsure how to apply or want to check to see if you applied correctly, call 800.366.2661 to receive assistance.

Application deadlines vary depending on the hunt type. The first deadlines are July 15 for alligator, Aug. 15 for dove (including Adult/Child hunts), and Sept. 1 for most deer hunts (including Youth hunts). Check the complete application date periods at

For more information, visit

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