7th Annual Coyote Cull Wrap-Up

Daryl Kirby | July 1, 2020

We have our winners from the drawing for the 7th annual GON Coyote Cull. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we were able to give away some great prizes, while continuing efforts to raise awareness about the changes that coyotes have brought to the Georgia woods. Make sure to support these sponsors if you want the Coyote Cull to continue and to grow

GON organized the Coyote Cull to provide incentive for hunters and trappers to get after coyotes during the fawning and turkey nesting seasons. Research shows killing coyotes this time of year can make a real difference in fawn and poult survival. There is no doubt that coyotes, an invasive, non-native species in Georgia, learned to effectively hunt and kill fawns here.

Jimmy Price, of Soperton, said about his Treulten County entry, “This one I called in using a Fawn in Distress call. The same call was used on another coyote at a different location, but that one saw me before I could get a shot. Both came in quick! They definitely are keyed in on fawns at this time of year. ”

We got two entries from Union County by Caleb Harkins. He’s killed 11 in 2020, and 26 total since Nov. 2, 2019, all on a small piece of property in Suches.

Jonathan Hughes had one of the 104 entries in the 7th annual Coyote Cull. Jonathan got this coyote in Candler County.

The Coyote Cull was created to get this issue in front of sportsmen and to offer incentive for sportsmen to do something. This was never designed to produce the maximum number of dead coyotes. The primary reason we limit the entries to one per month per household is because we didn’t want the Coyote Cull to be overrun and dominated by entries from professional trappers, who are out there catching hundreds of coyotes a month and getting paid well to do it—that’s their incentive. We want to give incentive to the average sportsman.

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We conducted a random drawing from the 104 entries. Here are the 2020 coyote hunters and trappers who won great prizes:

• Thompson-Center 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt-Action Rifle: The winner of the 6.5 Creedmore bolt-action rifle from Thompson-Center and Adventure Outdoors was Jerry Cooper, of Sumner. Jerry killed his coyote entry on a lamb farm in Worth County May 27 immediately after rains came through about 12:30 a.m. Jerry said the call series working right now is the “yote pair-female Challenge-Pup distress. Works great this time of year,” he said.

The winner of the bolt-action 6.5 Creedmoor Thompson-Center Compass rifle provided by sponsors Adventure Outdoors and Thompson-Center is Jerry Cooper, of Sumner, who entered with a Worth County coyote.

Visit Adventure Outdoors to thank them for their support of the Coyote Cull, or visit

• Trinity Custom Homes $500 Cash Prize: The winner of the $500 check from Trinity Custom

The winner of the Trinity Custom Homes $500 cash prize was Terry Ball, of Clarkesville, who entered with a Habersham County coyote.

Homes is Terry Ball, of Clarkesville, who had two entries from Habersham County. Offering more than 70 customizable home designs, Trinity helps complete dreams of building on your own land. For more info, call (888) 818-0278 or visit

• Trapping Package From Southern Snares & Outfitters: Tom Smith, of Oakwood, was hunting with Jason Davis, of Euharlee, when they killed a pair of of yotes in Bartow County in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 17. Tom’s entry was selected in the random drawing to win the trapping package from Southern Snares & Outfitters. This package includes six No. 2 Bridger Dogless traps to get after the coons, a dozen trap anchors and nine great lures and baits for predator trapping. The retail value is $210. See all of their great products at, or call (912) 288-6542.

Two coyotes were called in by “Team D&D Communications” while hunting together in Bartow County. Jason Davis (right), of Euharlee, and Tom Smith, of Oakwood, killed this pair in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 17, 2020. Jason’s name was drawn to win the package from Southern Snares & Outfitters.

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