2020-2021 Quick Guide To Georgia Hunting Season Dates

GON Staff | July 21, 2020

Once gun hunting opens this deer season, make sure to double check the regulations before you decide to pull the trigger on an antlerless deer and put some meat in the freezer.

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For much of the state there are certain dates that are buck-only, and then there are either-sex days, or “doe days.” The only parts of the state when every day of gun season is a doe day is the section of counties in the dark pink color in the map below, and the handful of suburban counties that are shown as dark blue on the map. Every other section of the state has buck-only days, ranging from just two buck-only days on opening weekend in southeast Georgia (light blue on the map), to the northeast Georgia mountain counties that have only three doe days all of gun season—every other day is buck-only.

This year’s deer season will close statewide on Jan. 10. The only exception is the suburban archery-only counties that are open to bowhunting until Jan. 31. The map below shows the days when hunters can shoot antlerless deer with a firearm. Antlerless deer may be taken statewide with archery equipment from Sept. 12 to Jan. 10.

The complete 2020-21 Georgia Hunting Season Dates and Bag Limits booklet will soon be available at license vendors and online. Be sure to consult the official regs before heading afield. Hunters are responsible for knowing and abiding by seasons and limits or be subject to charges and fines.

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Georgia 2020-2021 Deer Season Dates
Archery: Sept. 12 – Jan. 10
Extended Archery: Sept. 12 – Jan. 31 (Suburban counties only)
Youth Firearms Week: Oct. 10-16
Primitive Weapons: Oct. 10 – Jan. 10
Firearms: Oct. 17 – Jan. 10

Firearms Season Dates When Antlerless Deer Are Legal; Other Dates Are Buck-Only
Yellow Zone: Nov. 28-29; Jan. 1
Red: Nov. 23-29; Jan. 1
Green: Oct. 31 – Jan. 10
Magenta/Dark Pink: Oct. 17 – Jan. 10
Light Blue: Oct. 19 – Jan. 10
Dark Blue: Oct. 17 – Jan. 10 (except north of Hwy 92 (archery-only); and south of Hwy 20 in Forsyth (shotguns, muzzleloaders, archery).
Gray: Firearms deer hunting prohibited; archery-only and either-sex all season.


Georgia 2020-21 Waterfowl Seasons
Early Teal: Sept. 12-27
Canada Geese:  Sept. 5-27; Oct. 10-25; Nov. 21-29; Dec. 12 – Jan. 31
Duck:   Nov. 21-29; Dec. 12 – Jan. 31
Youth/Military Waterfowl: Nov. 14-15

Bear Season Northern Zone
Archery Sept. 12 – Jan. 10
Primitive Weapons Oct. 10 – Jan. 10
Firearms Oct. 17 – Jan. 10

Bear Central Zone
Firearms Dec. 19

Bear Southern Zone
Firearms Sept. 17-19; Sept. 24-26;
Oct. 1-3; Oct. 8-10

2021 Turkey Season
Kids, Mobility Impaired March 13-14
Statewide March 20 – May 15

Alligator Season
Zone & Quota Limited Aug. 14 – Oct. 5

Dove Season Statewide
Sept. 5-30; Nov. 21- 29; Dec. 8 – Jan. 31

Small Game & Other Georgia Hunting Seasons
Crow: Nov. 7 – Feb. 28
Fox & Bobcat: Dec. 1 – Feb. 28
Grouse: Oct. 15 – Feb. 28
Quail: Nov. 14 – Feb. 28
Rabbit: Nov. 14 – Feb. 28
Raccoon: Oct. 15 – Feb. 28
Snipe: Nov. 15 – Feb. 28
Squirrel: Aug. 15 – Feb. 28
Woodcock: Dec. 5 – Jan. 18

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