Lake Winfield Scott 14-Pound Bass

A small public lake in the north Georgia mountains produced a giant largemouth bass.

GON Staff | July 26, 2005

Justin Dooley, of Rayle, could see the giant, 14-lb. largemouth suspended on the top of a log under the bridge at Lake Winfield Scott. This 18-acre lake is in Union County and is federally managed.

While fishing from the bank, Justin was trying to get the big female to bite a six-inch, Texas-rigged Zoom worm in natural blue.

“I probably cast at her 30 times, and I was getting frustrated,” said Justin. “I took the weight off the worm and let it float down real slow, and she nailed it.”

The next 15 minutes were nerve-racking for Justin as he tried to let the once-in-a-lifetime fish wear down.

“She was so fat she couldn’t jump,” said Justin. “Sheʼd bring her head out of the water, but that was about it. I had her out of the water 12 hours before I had her weighed (on certified scales). She was 14 pounds.”

Justinʼs giant fish was No. 48 on GONʼs Georgiaʼs Biggest Bass of All-time list when it was caught in July, 2005.

He says this fish isnʼt the only big one in the lake.

“The one I caught is a small one compared to whatʼs up there,” he said.

This giant largemouth was caught by Justin Dooley at Lake Winfield Scott in Union County on June 23. Weighed officially at 14-lbs., 1-oz., in 2005 it ranked No. 48 on GON’s official list of Georgiaʼs Biggest Bass of All-Time.

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