Lake Sinclair Black Crappie Record

J Guthrie | April 1, 2000

Brent Moye, of Macon, was fishing a bass tournament on Lake Sinclair in late January when he landed a record-breaking 2-lb., 11.5-oz. black crappie. Brent and his brother Craig were vertical jigging 1/4-oz. Hopkins spoons over a school of shad on the main lake near Nancy Brach when Brent set the hook on what he hoped would be a tournament winning largemouth.

“When I hooked the fish, we hoped it was a bass,” said Brent. “I saw the fish and thought it was a hybrid because it pulled just like a hybrid. We pulled him right on in and thought he was still a hybrid because he was so big. Craig mentioned that the crappie was pretty big and to hold on to him. We weighed him at the ramp that night, then checked with GON and found out he was bigger than the current record.”

Brent said the record-breaking crappie was the first fish they caught and one of two crappie they caught off the school of shad. Brent’s fish replaces the 2-lb., 5.4-oz. crappie caught by Johnny Sellers in 1998 as the biggest black crappie to come out of Sinclair.

Brent Moye holds a good crappie and a great crappie. The fish on th left is the new Lake Sinclair black crappie record. The fish weighed 2-lbs., 11.5-ozs.

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