Satilla River

The Satilla River originates in Ben Hill County near the town of Fitzgerald and flows east and southeast to the Atlantic Ocean, passing through the cities of Waycross, Waynesville and Woodbine. The Satilla River is a beautiful blackwater run with white sandbars and great fishing, especially for redbreast, but also for bass, catfish and other bream species.

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This One’s For Mom

It was the summer of 1993… Man… just saying that reminds me I’m starting to get old. Anyway back to the story. It’s April, the sun is shining, and I’m in a jon boat hoping and praying to somehow catch my first bass. I’m armed with a Zebco 33 and a Creme plastic worm. I’m…

The Blackwater Fountain Of Youth

When Ponce de Leon was first told about a mystical body of water that had the ability to restore youth, I believe those boys were onto something. However, somehow Ponce got his directions wrong and ended up somewhere down in south Florida. Little did he know that 100 or so miles to the north, there’s…

I Wish Grandpas Never Died

A stolen title for this blog from Riley Green’s hit song, “I wish Grandpas never died.” Such a simple line, but oh so true. Both of my grandpas have gone on to be with the Lord, and it’s hard not to miss them, especially right here around the holidays. They both managed to have an…

Blackwater Redbelly Slam

A quick flick of the wrist and the underhanded toss sent the tiny spinner sailing under a low-lying bough of a bell-bottom cypress, bumping a root lying at the edge of the black water. A glimpse of the small, gold blade spiraling down and BANG!  The little whippy rod instantly bent to the water, the…

Satilla River Catfish On The Rise

As we rounded the tight bend in the river through the morning fog, our first limb-line of the day thrashed violently 30 yards ahead. Idling toward it slowly, the crew in the boat began to ready for battle with the oversized fish that continued to struggle in the current in an effort to get free.…

Satilla River Record Fish

Largemouth Bass12-lbs.Kevin Mullis03/27/15
Striped Bass11-lbs., 9.76-ozs.John Geiger03/15/06
Channel Catfish32-lbs., 3-ozs.James Lentz10/30/77
Flathead Catfish45-lbs. 15-ozs.Larry Linker10/10/18
Shellcracker1-lb.,10-ozs.Joseph Boyett05/03/87
Chain Pickerel4-lbs., 14-ozs.Virgil Chaney1996
Redbreast1-lb., 12.32-ozs.Lester Roberts05/07/22
Warmouth1-lb., 4.64-ozs.Michael Lott05/10/22
Bluegill1-lb., 6.35-ozs.Zach Johns03/04/22
Spotted Sunfish10.08-ozs.Ron Adams05/30/21
Black Crappie1-lb., 10-ozs.Cameron Smart03/17/17
Bowfin9-lbs., 10-ozs.Layne Williams05/01/22
Longnose Gar18-lbs., 6.56-ozs.Larry Linker05/20/2021