Satilla River

The Satilla River originates in Ben Hill County near the town of Fitzgerald and flows east and southeast to the Atlantic Ocean, passing through the cities of Waycross, Waynesville and Woodbine. The Satilla River is a beautiful blackwater run with white sandbars and great fishing, especially for redbreast, but also for bass, catfish and other bream species.

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Satilla Gets Another New Black Crappie Record

Just days after releasing the annual edition of the Georgia Lake and River Records, another river record has already fallen. On Feb. 6, Steven Todd, of Saint George, managed to reel in a 2-lb., 1-oz. black crappie that raised the river-record bar for the species for the second time in the past 13 months. “I…

Report Tagged Catfish On Satilla River

A blue catfish tagging project on the Satilla River is underway, and Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) researchers need your help. Discovered in this waterway a few years ago, fisheries managers hope to use this study to learn more about this non-native species and better assess its impact. “As a large…

Chasing Giant Redbreasts Way Up the Satilla River

By Craig James The Satilla River is and will forever be my favorite body of water to fish. I got my start fishing its white sand bars and towering bluff walls decades ago, and it’s just as magical a place to me now as it was the very first time I stepped into its tannic…

Southeast Georgia Fishing Reports With Capt. Bert Deener – June 21, 2024

Fishing has been great all over the place. The rivers are getting right at different rates, and catches have been really strong! Alapaha River: Stan Rhodes and David McGlamry fished the upper river on Friday…

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Satilla River Record Fish

Largemouth Bass12-lbs.Kevin Mullis03/27/2015
Striped Bass11-lbs., 9.76-ozs.John Geiger03/15/2006
Channel Catfish32-lbs., 3-ozs.James Lentz10/30/1977
Flathead Catfish45-lbs. 15-ozs.Larry Linker10/10/2018
Shellcracker1-lb.,10-ozs.Joseph Boyett05/03/1987
Chain Pickerel4-lbs., 14-ozs.Virgil Chaney1996
Redbreast1-lb., 12.32-ozs.Lester Roberts05/07/2022
Warmouth1-lb., 4.64-ozs.Michael Lott05/10/2022
Bluegill1-lb, 6.88-ozs.Gunter Thrift04/07/23
Spotted Sunfish10.08-ozs.Ron Adams05/30/2021
Black Crappie2-lbs., 1-ozs.Steven Todd02/06/24
Bowfin14-lbs., 10-ozs.Brandon Corbitt04/01/23
Longnose Gar18-lbs., 6.56-ozs.Larry Linker05/20/2021
White Catfish2-lbs., 15.52-ozs.Chris Royer12/21/15