Satilla River

The Satilla River originates in Ben Hill County near the town of Fitzgerald and flows east and southeast to the Atlantic Ocean, passing through the cities of Waycross, Waynesville and Woodbine. The Satilla River is a beautiful blackwater run with white sandbars and great fishing, especially for redbreast, but also for bass, catfish and other bream species.

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Steed Takes New Satilla Redbreast Record

When Will Steed, of Hortense, headed for the Satilla River after work on April 26, little did he know he was on course for a head-on collision with fate and the fish of a lifetime. “Me and my son Carter got to the river around 5:30 and started bass fishing,” said Will. “The bass were…

Satilla River Bluegill Record Broken Twice In Two Days, From The Same Boat

With rivers falling out quickly and water temperatures on the rise, it’s a common occurrence for new record fish to hit the scales this time of year.  What’s not common is when a new river record is set two days in a row out of the same boat. However, for Zach Johns, of Brantley County,…

Message In A Bottle Found On Satilla River

On Labor Day afternoon, Will Smith and good friend Tyler Powell, both from Patterson, made the decision to knock off work early and head to the Satilla River for a relaxing afternoon of fishing. Little did they know, it would soon be a trip they would never forget.  “Work was slow with it being Labor Day…

Upper Satilla River Floats For Late Summer Redbellies

The Satilla River is without doubt or question one of the world’s greatest redbreast fisheries. With a strong population of eating-size fish, and plenty of big roosters that break the 1-lb. mark, it’s easy to see why this south Georgia fishery is on many a Georgia anglers’ bucket list. Normally when I work on a…

Chasing A Rooster

I have spent the last 5 or so years of my life chasing a Rooster. Countless hours, miles on my pickup truck, a half dozen worn out trolling motors, and hundreds of thousands of casts have been tallied along the way. As your probably guessing by now, I’m not talking about a big red yard…

Satilla River Record Fish

Largemouth Bass12-lbs.Kevin Mullis03/27/15
Striped Bass11-lbs., 9.76-ozs.John Geiger03/15/06
Channel Catfish32-lbs., 3-ozs.James Lentz10/30/77
Flathead Catfish45-lbs. 15-ozs.Larry Linker10/10/18
Shellcracker1-lb.,10-ozs.Joseph Boyett05/03/87
Chain Pickerel4-lbs., 14-ozs.Virgil Chaney1996
Redbreast1-lb., 12.32-ozs.Lester Roberts05/07/22
Warmouth1-lb., 4.64-ozs.Michael Lott05/10/22
Bluegill1-lb., 6.35-ozs.Zach Johns03/04/22
Spotted Sunfish10.08-ozs.Ron Adams05/30/21
Black Crappie1-lb., 10-ozs.Cameron Smart03/17/17
Bowfin9-lbs., 10-ozs.Layne Williams05/01/22
Longnose Gar18-lbs., 6.56-ozs.Larry Linker05/20/2021