Lake Juliette

Lake Juliette is a small 3,600-acre reservoir in central Georgia about 75 miles south of Atlanta and 17 miles north of Macon that offers good fishing, particularly for largemouth bass and striped bass. Outdoor motors larger than 25 horsepower cannot be operated in Juliette. If you have a boat with a larger motor, you cannot crank the engine even to trailer your boat. Also known as Rum Creek, the lake is co-managed by Georgia Power and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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Lake Juliette’s Big ‘Peace-and-Quiet’ Fall Bass

What angler hasn’t yearned for private bass waters? A lake where access is limited, the bass grow big and fat, and where there are no irritating pleasure boaters buzzing by all day. While that is a dream for almost all of us who love to bass fish, anglers can actually find those conditions at a…

Lake Juliette Record Yellow Perch

Evans Prince set a new lake record at Juliette with a 1-lb., 3.36-oz. yellow perch that he caught on June 29, 2014.

Juliette’s Light Switch Stripers

Lake Juliette, near Forsyth, is a hot bed of action for striper anglers. While many of Georgia’s striper fishermen overlook this small body of water, due to it’s size and motor horsepower restrictions, it is arguably one of the better striper fisheries in the state. This 3,600-acre body of water is essentially a big holding…

Day, Kirkpatrick Win J-BAIT On Juliette

With 20.76 pounds, Randall Kirkpatrick and Chris Day, with the Jonboat Bass Asso­ciation, dominated the competition in the eighth-annual Anglers Warehouse J-BAIT, the state’s jonboat championship tournament. This year’s tournament took place Oct. 8, 2011 on the clear waters of Lake Juliette. “We had 28 teams competing for Georgia’s jonboat state championship, with six clubs…

Small Water, Big Bass Of Lake Juliette

Imagine a 3,600-acre public lake full of bass, but without skidoos, skiers or pleasure boats running around. Then imagine the lake has quality bass, with 15-lb., five-fish limits common in most tournaments. You don’t have to imagine. Lake Juliette is a reality. Juliette is a Georgia Power Co. lake east of Forsyth just off the…

Lake Juliette Record Fish

Largemouth Bass15-lbs., 6-ozs.Alonzo Dunn01/04/90
Spotted Bass5-lbs., 3-ozs.Hal Sawyer01/17/02
Shoal Bass5-lbs.Stan Darley09/08/00
Striped Bass40-lbs., 8-ozs.Tim Adrien03/23/00
Hybrid Bass10-lbs., 3-ozs.Wynoka Moye03/21/94
Black Crappie2-lbs., 5.8-ozs.Larry Hetrick03/08/97
Yellow Perch1-lb., 3.36-ozs.Evans Prince06/29/14
Bowfin7-lbs., 5.76-ozs.Keegan Hohenstein03/25/17