Lake Juliette

Lake Juliette is a small 3,600-acre reservoir in central Georgia about 75 miles south of Atlanta and 17 miles north of Macon that offers good fishing, particularly for largemouth bass and striped bass. Outdoor motors larger than 25 horsepower cannot be operated in Juliette. If you have a boat with a larger motor, you cannot crank the engine even to trailer your boat. Also known as Rum Creek, the lake is co-managed by Georgia Power and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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Juliette Stripers & Hybrids Go Deep In Summertime

With a hint of excitement in his voice, Lake Juliette fishing guide Jeff Mooney said, “Watch that pole, it’s going down!” He pointed at the rod next to Bob Turner and, as Jeff predicted, a slight bend in the rod became a deep arc toward the water as the striper pulled out line and the…

Duck Hunters Clean Up Lake Juliette

If you’ve been to Lake Juliette recently, you may have found the waterways, banks and boat ramp a little cleaner.  On a Sunday in March, 14 duck hunters came together with seven boats. In just four hours, they collected 43 large bags of trash, a boat full of miscellaneous junk and an old picnic table…

Lake Juliette Striped Bass

Lake Juliette, just a few miles north of Macon, in Monroe County, is one of those great lakes that I really like to striper fish. When you find a school of hungry stripers, you can limit out pretty quickly, but they are like roaming cows on a 3,600-acre pasture, and the clear water can make…

Juliette’s Slow-Drift Stripers

The classic outdoor writer Havilah Babcock from South Carolina wrote a book entitled, “My Health Is Better In November,” lauding the extra spring that every outdoorsman feels under foot when the cool, crisp days of autumn make us happy to be in the woods, fields and streams in pursuit of fish and game. But I…

Fish Live Bait and Artificials For Juliette’s Christmas Stripers

Imagine that you are slowing drifting with live gizzard shad when several stripers start pounding the surface in a feeding frenzy only 20 yards away. Do you try to troll through the stripers, or do you pull out your surface lure and make a long cast into the fish? When opportunity knocks, it’s often best…

Lake Juliette Record Fish

Largemouth Bass15-lbs., 6-ozs.Alonzo Dunn01/04/90
Spotted Bass5-lbs., 3-ozs.Hal Sawyer01/17/02
Shoal Bass5-lbs.Stan Darley09/08/00
Striped Bass40-lbs., 8-ozs.Tim Adrien03/23/00
Hybrid Bass10-lbs., 3-ozs.Wynoka Moye03/21/94
Black Crappie2-lbs., 5.8-ozs.Larry Hetrick03/08/97
Yellow Perch1-lb., 3.36-ozs.Evans Prince06/29/14
Bowfin7-lbs., 5.76-ozs.Keegan Hohenstein03/25/17