High Falls Lake

Located northwest of Macon, High Falls is a 650-acre lake on the Towaliga River in Butts County near the city of Jackson. The relatively shallow lake offers good fishing for bass and catfish, and anglers also fish for bream, crappie and white bass. A Georgia state park by the same name offers camping, hiking, boat rentals and two boat ramps. There is a $5 daily parking fee, or an annual pass is also available for access to High Falls State Park.

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Map To High Falls Summertime Bass

After a long summer fighting skiers and skidoos on big lakes, most bass fishermen are probably wishing they had a nice farm pond to fish to escape from the pleasure boaters. Problem is, farm ponds are private. Anyone can fish the next best thing — if you are willing to downsize a little and not…

High Falls Lake In February: Jig ’n Pig For A Few Good Bass

On High Falls Lake — and just about everywhere else — a jig ’n pig is considered a big-bass bait. “Seems like every time you catch a bass on a jig ’n pig on this lake, it’s a good one,” said my fishing partner on the lake last month. On Jan. 16, I spent an afternoon…

Leaking Lakes: High Falls And Ocmulgee PFA Losing Water

The folks who work under the Parks Division of the Department of Natural Resources are hoping a four-foot drop in the lake level at High Falls  will be enough to repair a leak in one of the dam’s two doors. “The Safe Dam Committee has mandated us to fix the leak in the dam’s door,” said…

High Falls Bass In April

The first bass of the day was right where Art said it would be, back in thin water in a High Falls slough off the Towaliga River. Art had slowly nosed his 14-foot jon boat into the narrow slough hunting for swirls or ripples on the surface that would indicating a bass below. “Most people…

High Falls Lake Record Flathead Catfish

It was just after 7 a.m. on Thursday April, 26, 2001 when Hugh Rainey, of Griffin, went down to the dock in front of his friend Bobby Beasley’s home on High Falls Lake. Hugh, Bobby and Billy Redding, also of Griffin, had been fishing for catfish the day before off the dock, and had left…

High Falls Lake Record Fish

Hybrid Bass13-lbs., 15-ozs.Charles Price01/27/95
Striped Bass22-lbs., 15-ozs.Toby Betsill04/04/15
Flathead Catfish60-lbs.Hugh Rainey04/26/01
Black Crappie2-lbs., 11-ozs.Ethan Edins02/27/21