Spinnerbaits, Trick Worms Win R&R Sinclair Tournament

GON Staff | May 25, 2006

Charlie Baldwin (left) and Benny Lanning won the R&R event on Saturday after keying on grass and shad. They threw spinnerbaits and Trick Worms.

Charlie Baldwin and Benny Lanning took first place in the May 20 R&R tournament at Sinclair.

“We were keying on shallow grass, and both of us were throwing a spinnerbait,” said Charlie. “There were still a few shad in the grass, but that bite is about gone.”

Charlie was throwing a white 3/8-oz. Ol’ Nellie spinnerbait with gold Colorado and Indiana blades.

“We just threw in the grass and worked it out — most of the bites came on the end,” said Charlie. “We were up the Oconee.”

The team also caught a few fish on lime-colored Trick Worms, just dead-sticking in these grassy areas.

Aaron Batson had big fish for the tournament, a nice 6.56-pounder.

Aaron Batson had big fish in the R&R event at Sinclair on Saturday. This 6.56-pounder hit a Zoom Horny Toad.

“I caught in on a Zoom Horny Toad,” said Aaron.

Here are the top five.

  1. Charlie Baldwin & Benny Lanning, 5 fish,   17.36 pounds
  2. Jim Gooch & Bradley Pass, 5 fish, 17.30 pounds
  3. Ronny Cantrell & Barry Stokes, 5 fish, 15.87 pounds
  4. Greg Barwick &  Jess McCranie, 5 fish, 15.14 pounds
  5. Mike Brown & Brian Brown, 5 fish, 13.74 pounds

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