Millsaps Run Into The Storm And Collect Russell Win

GON Staff | May 23, 2006

Mike and Sabrina Millsaps earned another 10 points in the Team Power Ranking race after their May 20 win on Russell at the Southern Bassin’ Couples tournament.

“The last time I fished Russell was six years ago, I’ve fished it twice in my life,” said Mike. “Thursday and Friday all I caught was short fish. I needed some help.”

Mike got some help. Joey Baskins, a good friends of Mike’s and owner of Suddeth and Blademaster Lures, gave him four spinnerbaits and told him to go fish rocks. The blades were 3/8-oz. with two silver willowleaf blades. The skirt was white/green and had little strands of blue.

“He told me to throw them on rocky banks and rip-rap,” said Mike.

Saturday morning Mike and Sabrina were at the dam and saw a storm brewing up the lake.

“This is probably the first time anybody has ever ran into a storm, but I wanted to fish the windy rip-rap at the bridge up the lake (Hwy 72). The wind was blowing right on those rocks, and we threw those spinnerbaits. We caught two over three pounds, and that’s what won it for us,” said Mike.

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