Berry’s 2006 Classic Champs At Lake Oconee

GON Staff | June 6, 2006

Berry’s tournament trail came to a close this weekend after a two-day event. Qualifying anglers fished Saturday on Oconee and Sunday at Sinclair. This year’s Classic winners were Jack Brown and Terry Adams.

“The fish at Oconee have moved out deep,” said Terry Adams. “We caught them in the main lake, but the fish weren’t on anything particular. Everything just went right for us.”

The winning team fished black/blue Jack’s Jigs and green pumpkin Zoom Ol Monster worms.

“It was nothing fancy, I assure you,” said Terry.

The Sinclair bass have also moved deep and were caught the same way.

“The only difference was we got a few topwater bites at Sinclair,” said Terry.

On Oconee there were still a few shad spawning, but the mayflies were few and far between. Water temperatures were between 80-85 degrees.

Here are the top-10 teams.

1. Jack Brown & Terry Adams, 37.69 pounds.

2. Stevie Jackson & Jason Hencely, 29.13 pounds.

3. Mike Brown & Brian Brown, 25.64 pounds.

4. Wayne Garner & Brian Garner, 25.55 pounds.

5. Lamar Moody & Verland Best, 23.30 pounds.

6. Johnny Moore & Butch Pitts, 23.11 pounds.

7. Kim Carver & Matt Ferman, 23.10 pounds.

8. Kelly Thompson & Todd Lambert, 22.96 pounds.

9. Randy Jackson & Chris Mckenney, 22.67 pounds.

10. Charlie Baldwin & Chris Baldwin, 22.57 pounds.

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