West Point Lake Fishing Reports – May 2023

GON Staff | April 26, 2023

West Point: Level: 2.8 feet below 635. Temp: 70s to low 80s. Clarity: Mostly clear.

Bass: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Good. First thing in the mornings, try to be on some rip-rap somewhere. The shad spawn should continue to be good for at least the first two weeks of May. Try throwing small crankbaits, spinnerbaits and weightless Zoom Super Flukes. Sometimes you have to weed through a few hybrids, but there are normally some green fish to be had, as well. The herring population seems to have exploded over the last couple of years, so I would expect many of the tactics that Lanier anglers use to catch open-water fish to really come into play over the next couple years. Lures that ‘walk the dog’ should work well. Also, some big tournament sacks of largemouth will be weighed in by guys who sight fish, targeting fish that are locked on bed. This can be an aggravating way to fish but can pay off in a tournament win. Try an unweighted merthiolate Zoom Trick Worm or an unweighted Zoom  Zlinky and a Zoom Super Fluke worked around likely bedding areas. In some years, we have a good hatch of mayflies, and if you happen upon one of them, bream will usually be feeding on them, and the bass will be feeding on the bream. Spotted bass are being caught by casting Spot Remover heads loaded with Ultra Vibe Speed Craws or just by dragging a Carolina-rigged Zoom Finesse worm or Mini Lizard around sloping gravel banks or around the many shoal marker poles scattered around the lake.”

Linesides: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Spawned-out hybrids and stripes show back up down the lake in May in big numbers. Expect the downline bite on live bait to be awesome. A few fish have started  schooling on the main lake and can be caught on small crankbaits, topwaters, popping-cork rigs and Gotcha Shad lures. The Flash Mob Jr. is great for trolling.”

Crappie: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Good. Spawned-out fish will typically move out and hold on deeper brush and structure or under docks for a while to recover. Shooting or pitching under the shade of covered docks or on bridge pilings is the way to go. The crappie almost always likes the shade on a sunny day. Night fishing is usually awesome in May.”

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Bream: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Good. Don’t forget about our bream and shellcracker. The shellcracker population over the last few years has exploded with some really nice-sized fish and good numbers being caught. They seem to really love worms fished on the bottom. Finding an active bed can take a little effort, but when you do, you can have a ball. Bedding usually takes place on the full moon cycle in May. Look for shallow cover in the backs of pockets. Sandy flats and stump beds tend to draw the fish like a magnet. Use live worms, crickets and small jigs for the best results.”   

Catfish: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Lots of channel cats are being caught  all over the lake by the few anglers who target them. Live and cutbaits and worms fished on bottom will catch cats all over the lake, as long as fairly deep water is nearby. Jug fishing is also fun and productive. To target flatheads, go to a larger bait, like a 4- to 5-inch bream or large shiner and fish the same areas. Be sure to increase the size of your rigs as fish in the 20- to 30-lb. range are fairly common. Most of the big flatheads are caught in the Ringer/Grayson’s Landing area north of the 219 bridge in the Chattahoochee and the mouth of the smaller feeder creeks in that vicinity.”

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