West Point Lake Fishing Report – September 2023

GON Staff | August 30, 2023

West Point: Level: 2.3 feet below 635. Temp: Upper 80s, even warmer in some places. Clarity: Mostly clear.

Bass: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “The bass fishing has been slow. Expect a continued slow bite for September. Water temps remain really high with the hot and dry conditions of late August to blame. We have had a tremendous hatch of baitfish this year, and the bass can be difficult to catch with so many easy targets available. These fish tend to  key on small baits, if you can get them to hit an artificial at all. The Flash Mob Jr. will work at times. Small swimbaits and Rooster Tails will catch these schoolies sometimes, as well. Drop-shotting and shaky-head rigs around roadbeds and pond dams, especially those with cover or man-made brushpiles, can produce some fish, also. Some decent fish can still  be caught above the 219 bridge in the Chattahoochee by fishing the grassbeds, especially if the lake remains near full pool. Try a frog-style bait or a jig around thick cover or aquatic grasses. The planned extreme pull down by the Corps of Engineers for repairs to the dam this fall has been delayed. Expect the lake to slowly drop anyway, as normal winter pool is still gonna happen.”  

Linesides: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Good. I’m still  expecting a really good topwater bite this fall because of all the newly hatched shad. Have a popping cork or a 3/8-oz. Rooster Tail ready and watch for schools of fish on the surface. In most years, there is good action at the mouth of Yellowjacket and Whitewater creeks. If we have a tropical depression come through, they usually go nuts on top. Trolling Flash Mob Rigs will also produce if you are seeing fish occasionally running through schools of bait. Keep your eyes open.”

Crappie: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Good. Catches of crappie should continue to improve as we head into September. There are lots of new blowdowns this year and any that are laying in fairly deep water and still have some leaves on them can be potentially loaded with fish. I like the ones in the Yellowjacket Creek area and also those north of Highland in the Chattahoochee. Another pattern that works is shooting or pitching to docks. Crappie like the shade and often a single dock can produce a limit of fish. Deep brushpiles continue to produce fish throughout the fall, as well. Also, night fishing is normally very good during this time of year.” For more on fishing with Keith, go to

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