West Point Lake Fishing Report – June 2023

GON Staff | May 24, 2023

West Point: Level: 1.8 below 635. Temp: Mid to upper 70s. Clarity: Lightly stained down to Highland. Clear south of the 109 bridge on the Chattahoochee.

Bass: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Good. During early June, topwater baits, such as Whopper Ploppers, buzzbaits, frogs and Zoom Super Flukes can be effective for shallow, postspawn fish, especially around bream beds. Most of the tournament-winning bags of largemouth are weighed in by guys who excel at sight fishing, targeting bass that are around these beds feeding on the bream. Most main-lake pockets with a feeder creek have a bream bed in them somewhere. Also, finding a mayfly hatch can pay off  in the same way. Find the bream, and there are usually bass there, too. Another effective pattern in June is to fish shallow grass and cover north of the 219 bridge with popping frogs and Senkos, especially if the lake fills up. Later in the month, some fish should start showing up on deeper brushpiles and roadbeds as the water warms. Try deep crankbaits or Texas-rigged Ol’ Monster worms in these areas, especially during hours of generation. Try pitching to bridge pilings for some magnum spots with shaky heads using Zoom green-pumpkin worms during hours of generation.”

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Guide Keith Hudson had a great trip down the lake on May 23, 2023 with a group from Union Grove Baptist Church. The fish were holding in 20 to 25 feet of water and were caught on live bait.

Multiple Species: Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Lineside fishing is excellent. Hungry, spawned-out white bass, hybrids and stripes are down the lake in good numbers. Expect the downline  bite with shad or shiners  to stay good throughout June. Areas near the dam and also in the mouth of Yellow Jacket have been producing. Most fish are holding right around 25 feet. Some fish have started surface schooling on the main lake and can be caught on 3/8-oz. Roostertails, popping-cork rigs and spoons. Blueback herring are becoming plentiful in West Point, which seems to be changing the way the stripers feed. The trolling also will pick up in June, as well. Main-lake humps and flats trolled with Flash Mob rigs will produce, especially during water generation. Spawned-out crappie will typically move out and hold on deeper brush and structure or under docks. Try drop shotting minnows or shooting docks for the best results. Night fishing is usually really good in June, as well. The easiest thing to do is tie up under a bridge and put out a green light. Baitfish show up shortly and the bigger predators are not far behind. In the last few years, our bream and shellcracker fishing has really improved. Finding an active bed can take a little effort, but when you do, you can have a ball. Bedding usually takes place  on the full moon cycle in June. Look for shallow cover in the backs of pockets and on the ends of blowdowns. Sandy flats with stump beds tend to draw the fish like a magnet. Use live pink worms, crickets and small jigs for the best results. Lots of channel cats are being caught by the few anglers who target them. Live and cutbaits and worms fished on the bottom will catch cats all over the lake, as long as there is fairly deep water nearby. Jug fishing is also fun and productive and works about anywhere with cut shad. To target flatheads, go to a larger bait, like a 4- to 5-inch bream or large shiner and fish the deeper holes in the river above the 219 bridge. Be sure to increase the size of your rigs as fish in the 20- to 30-lb. range are fairly common.”

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