West Point Lake Catfishing Report – March 26, 2024

Ronnie Garrison | March 26, 2024

T.R. Clark, with YouTube’s Fishing With TR, said the catfish bite was steady this past weekend and should stay strong through the month of April. April is one of the better months of the year to catch trophy-class cats as these fish feed up ahead of their spawn. April has produced one of the former lake-record blue cats.

Unlike other species, catfishing gets tough once they begin to spawn, which usually begins mid to late May on this lake, or as water temps steadily crest 75 degress. To target them, look beyond just the traditional deep holes along the old river channel.

As the water temps rise, they will be moving in and out of creeks looking to feed. Creekmouths, points, flats, and channel ledges will make great spots to find active fish. When there is current, use a Carolina rig to suspend baits or a Santee rig on the bottom. With little or no current, consider dragging or drifting baits. Also, do not be afraid to fish shallow. As the crappie and other species move shallow to spawn, the cats will follow. Remember, EVERYTHING is on the menu for cats!

West Point Blue Catfish Record Caught By Kayak Angler

Increase your chances for a flathead by fishing timber or heavy cover. Water clarity is less important with cats. They are the most effective aquatic hunters in muddy conditions. Regarding bait, the traditional chicken or chicken livers will catch fish, but to have a real shot at a trophy blue cat or flathead, using fresh, natural forage is a must. Gizzard shad, live or cut, is my favorite winter bait. However, as water temps rise, they begin to show preference for other species. Anything you can catch on a bed with an ultralight will make great bait! Size and creel limits observed, of course.

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