West Point Fishing Report June 2012

GON Staff | May 31, 2012

West Point: Level: 4.2 feet below full pool. Temp: Low 80s. Clarity: Lightly stained.

Bass: Poor. Chris Bell reports, “Higher water than last year at this time is keeping some of the remaining fish up shallow. If water levels continue to rise, look for more fish to move up on laydowns and isolated cover. You really have to fish in the moment right now. If the water stays at its current level, fish will continue to remain on offshore humps, rocky points and roadbeds. For these offshore areas, use shaky heads, Carolina rigs and crankbaits. For both shaky heads and Carolina rigs, use a green-pumpkin Z-Man floating worm. On your crankbaits, use a Strike King 6XD in a sexy-shad pattern. You will not get as many bites, but it will produce larger fish. Do pay close attention to generation schedules as this will position fish on top of these offshore locations to feed.”

Linesides: Good. Chris reports, “It is time to begin focusing on humps and roadbeds on the southern end of the lake in depths of 12 to 20 feet. Right now you will spend more time looking at your depthfinder on these areas than fishing. Once you have located both fish and bait, downline live shad to schools of feeding fish. Throughout the day, keep a topwater Rebel Pop-R in a shad pattern tied on for schooling fish.”

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