West Point Fishing Report – June 2006

GON Staff | May 23, 2006

Level: 2.9 feet low. Temp: Mid to upper 70s. degrees. Clarity: Light stain up river, clear in lake.

Bass: Good. Charlie Baldwin said some days in June he’s throwing topwater all day. Try buzzbaits, Zara Spooks and Sammys. “I’m keying on wood real close to deep water,” said Charlie. “A lot of times they’ll hit it all day, even with the sun up. I’ll fish from Highland up the river or in Yellowjacket.” If that bite goes sour, he’ll dead-stick a Trick Worm in these blowdowns. He’ll also throw a white Ol’ Nelle spinnerbait to these areas. Charlie likes to get the bait as far into the blowdown as he can before bringing it back out. You can also go up the river this month and fish stump rows with the same baits. “If the water is up I’ll fish the button bushes in Yellowjacket with a Pop-R,” said Charlie. Guide Paul Parsons has been catching a few on his deep-water spots. Fish deep roadbeds that have brushpiles are good. “I like a DD22 or a Carolina rig with a Mag2 in watermelon seed or green pumpkin,” said Paul.

Crappie: Fair. “The wind has been too bad to fish, blowing 25 mph every day,” said guide Bobby Wilson. In June Bobby will downline minnows in brushpiles and around bridge pilings. In the morning try blowdowns around the 219 bridge or target brushpiles on points. Key depth in June is 15 to 25 feet of water. Bridge pilings are good when it gets hot. Try Yellow Jacket and 109.

Hybrids: Good. Paul Parsons said the hybrid are on the humps in the main lake in about 25 to 35 feet of water. Catch them on live shad. “With the clear water use the lighest line you can and be quiet,” said Paul. Try the big flat just downstream from the mouth of Wehadkee Creek and the Big Flat in front of Amity. Bobby Wilson said he’s seen a few schooling and says to throw a popping cork or Rat-L-Trap to surfacing fish. He said to fish just inside the mouth of Maple at the first buoys by the island. There’s a ledge there, and the fish will stack up.

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